Feeling hot hot hot: the weird things that happen to your body in extreme heat

The Met office has issued a warning of heatwave conditions over the weekend, which got us to thinking about some of the bizarre things that can happen to our bodies in the heat. Did you know that…

…hot weather can give you bad breath

You may be thinking that summer is the ultimate time to start smooth-talking the objects of your desire, but excessive heat can cause you to dehydrate (eerrrm, sweaty much?), which has been proven to have a pretty unsexy side effect – bad breath. 

When you are dehydrated, your mouth becomes dry. Bacteria accumulates because there isn’t enough saliva to wash it away. Hello halitosis

“It won’t come as a big surprise that we need to drink more water throughout the warmer months, as the body loses more water naturally through sweating,” explains the bad breath and halitosis expert Dr Harold Katz in Metro.co.uk. “That, coupled with an increase in the use of hay fever medications, fad summer dieting, an increase in outdoor exercising and over-exposure to the sun, can also all exacerbate the problem.”

*fills up (eco-friendly) water bottle*

…the sun can make you strong

You might feel like the sun is giving you an extra spring in your step. And this may actually be happening. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, which is linked to strong bones. 

That is why public-health officials even advised us to take supplements in darker autumn months – because a scarcity of sunlight can lead to brittle bones. So get yourself to a park and stock up on some vit D while you can. Obviously be careful you don’t get sunburnt in the process.

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