Looking for PHP Developer

We are looking for PHP Developer in Phnom Penh to expand our team. Please try to apply for our opportunity.

If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us!


・Knowledge in PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

・More than 1 year experience for php development.

・Develop WEB site or API for mobile app with our team.

・Writing high-quality software from given requirements and creative problem-solving through software solutions.

Here are our company rules.

■ Working time Working time is from 8am to 5pm usually. But, you can customize your working time according to your situation. (9am – 6pm, 10am – 7pm, etc…)

■Holiday: Sunday, Saturday(a half), Cambodia national holidays


We will negotiate it according to your skill and experience, because skill, knowledge and experience are very different 1 by 1.


-NSSF insurance

-Health check up on Sunrise Japan hospital 1 year 1 time

-Small Bonus (2 times/year) -free drink -free water

-free daily fruits -free noodle

-free coffee

-shuffle lunch or dinner 1 month 1 time

-dinner party 3 month 1 time

-Wedding Celebration bonus -Baby Celebration bonus

-Free to join football team

-O’Reilly Safari

※You can read 40,000+ books, videos, training sessions, courses, and more—online or off.

-Udemy for business

※You can access data science, IT, management and more from 3500+ online courses.


We have some projects to develop mobile and web application from Japan. We are specialized in providing professional software development services in Cambodia.

Our Solutions handles web site design ,web service development, iOS/Android Application development and web site maintenance. And it doesn’t end with system development.

We provide a one-stop solution for total system development from design to maintenance.